Our population health software allows for easy connection from anywhere and will accommodate multiple users. CareView interacts with your current systems and picks up where those systems leave off

"The automatic notification system is pivotal to our business systems, it helps save time so that we can be more efficient"
M. B

Automatic Notification

  • Admissions
  • Terminations of Coverage
  • Tier Changes
  • Current Cases
  • New Task Assignments
  • New Case Referrals


  • Track Patient Needs
  • Track Daily Tasks

Condition Stratification

  • Standard Criteria for Diabetes, Asthma, CAD, COPD, Hypertension, Obesity, CHF
  • Criteria Can Be Customize Upon Request

Educational Material

  • Comprehensive Starter Library of Public Domain Materials Included
  • Ability to Upload Of Categorize your Own Material
  • Searchable
  • Can Include Videos
  • Materials Selected is Available to your Patients On TheĀ MyHealth Page

External Integration

  • Out of the Box Integration with Blue Cross Blue Shield Illinois
  • Interaction with Other Payors Available Upon Request

Goal Management

  • Library of Common Goals
  • Library of Interventions and Barriers
  • Starter Library of Nursing Goals for Common Conditions

Letter Manager

  • Quickly Generate Letters to Target Populations
  • Customize your Unique Letters

Real Time Integration

  • Ability to Integrate your Operating System
  • Ability to integrate Outside Data Sources Such As: Lab Results, Pharmacy Data, and More